|| Rules and Regulations ||

Classroom Rules and Regulation

• Greet all professor once they enter
•Phones should be on silent mode during lecture and in practical.
•Sign attendance sheet after every lecture and practical class.
•Handle all the equipment very carefully. Any damage to the equipments will not be tolerated.
•If any misbehavior is observed in classroom or in labs strict action will be taken

Dress code:

• All should wear descent professional clothes.
• Strict action will be taken in case of wearing any unprofessional clothes.
• Hair should be tied properly.
•Nails should be cut properly especially during practical session.
• All students needs to purchase apron from college which as logo of college on it.


• Students has to sign on attendance sheet after every lecture and practical.
• 90% attendance for both theory lectures and practical is compulsory by muhs.
• In case of medical leave, medical certificate has to be submitted immediately.
• If students wants to take prior leave, signature has to take on log book which will be provided by institute